Volume 29 (2001)

Special Feature: Literature & the Other Arts F. S. Schwarzbach, “Twelve Ways of Looking at a Staffordshire Figurine: An Essay in Cultural Studies” Elizabeth Howells, “On the Commodification of Eastern Art: John Frederick Lewis’s The Hhareem of 1850.” John R. Reed, “Jude’s Music: Music as Theme and Structure in Hardy’s Jude the Obscure“ Martin Danahay, “Sexuality and the […]

Volume 30 (2002)

Special Feature: Contemporary poets / Victorian poems Dana Smith, “Every Man for His Own Hand” Rodney Pybus, “Mariana Now” Talvikki Ansel, “Thin Border” Essays Laura Callanan, “So Help Me God, the Truth and Not the Truth: Hyper-Realism and the Taxonomy of Truth-Seeking in the Royal Commission Inquiry into the 1865 Jamaica Rebellion” Donald Ulin, “Seeing […]

Volume 31 (2003)

Special Feature: Ghosts of the Victorian Elisabeth Gruner, “Introduction” Sally Harris, “Spiritual Warnings: The Ghost Stories of Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu” Samuel L. Gladden, “Passages: The Long and Difficult Death of the Victorian Era, 1893-1945” Deborah Logan, “‘No voice is hushed’: Ada McGrath’s Buried Life” Louisa A. Hadley, “Spectres of the Past: A. S. Byatt’s […]

Volume 32 (2004)

Special Feature: Poetry and the Colonies David Latané, “Introduction” John Kinsella, “Henry Clay — Racist or Not?” Elizabeth Galway, “Poetical Patriotism: Canadian Children’s Poetry and Nationalist Discourse in the Late Victorian Period” Mary Ellis Gibson “Poems of Mary Carshore: The Indian Legacy of L.E.L. and Tom Moore” Colonial Poems: A Selection Mary Fortune, “Conjuro Te”; […]

Volume 33 (2005)

Special Feature: Political Matters Michelle Weinroth, “Engendering Consent: the Voice of Persuasion in Felix Holt, the Radical” Peter Gardner, “The Seductive Politics of Mary Barton” Christopher M. Keirstead, “A ‘Bad Patriot’: Elizabeth Barrett Browning and Cosmopolitanism” Karen E. Whedbee, “Authority and Critical Reason: George Grote’s Defense of Democratic Justice” Essays Terence Bowers, “Robert Curzon, Orientalism, and the Ars […]

Volume 34 (2006)

Essays Sophia Andres, “From Camelot to Hyde Park: The Lady of Shalott’s Pre-Raphaelite Postmodernism in A. S. Byatt and Tracy Chevalier” Nicole Fluhr, “Artist as Critic” LuAnn McCracken Fletcher, “Dress Codes: Fashioning Taste in Eastlake and the Brontës” Paul Marchbanks, “Hierarchies of Mind: A Lifelong Critique of ‘Intellectist’ Ideology and Discourse in Robert Browning’s Poetry” […]

Volume 35 (2007)

Essays Susan E. Colón, “Elizabeth Gaskell’s Wives and Daughters: Professional and Feminine Ideology” Shanyn Fiske, “Sati and Great Expectations: Dickens in the Wake of the Indian Mutiny” Neil Hultgren, “Imperial Melodrama in Wilkie Collins’s The Moonstone” Tamara Wagner, “Lost in a Good Book: Remapping the Victorian Novel in Post-Millennium Britain” Linda Gill, “The Princess in the Tower: Gender […]

Volume 36 (2008)

Essays Lauren M. E. Goodlad, “‘Character worth Speaking Of’: Individuality, John Stuart Mill, and the Critique of Liberalism” Deborah Fratz, “The Powers of Deafness: Harriet Martineau’s Disabled Subject as Sociological Observer” Suzanne Rintoul, “Intimate Violence and the Tenuous Boundaries of Class in Victorian Street Literature” Karen J. Dieleman, “Elizabeth Barrett Browning, Congregationalism and Spirit Manifestation” […]

Volume 37 (2009)

Special Feature: Victorian Scotland Essays Kathrine Klein, “Scottish Angels in the Reign of Victoria” Mary M. Husemann, “Faith-Based Initiatives: Private and Public Reform in Margaret Oliphant’s Some Passages in the Life of Margaret Maitland” Carla E. Coleman, “Journal-istic Propaganda and Queen Victoria’s Construction of Scotland in Leaves from the Journal of a Life in the Highlands” Teresa […]

Volume 38 (2010)

Essays Kristen Guest, “Black Beauty, Masculinity, and the Market for Horseflesh” Patricia Murphy, “‘That Traitor Tongue’: Detrimental Speech and Desirable Silence in Villette” James Hood, “‘Permanently Valuable’: Victorian Christian Literary Annuals and the Commodification of Religion” Shalyn Claggett, “Putting Character First: The Narrative Construction of Innate Identity in Phrenological Texts” Andrew Nash, “Freedom and Power?: Women, […]