Volume 26 (1998)

Special Section: George Eliot

  • Dallas Liddle, “Mentor and Sybil: Journalism and the End(s) of Apprenticeship in George Elio.”
  • Alisa M. Clapp-Itnyre, “Dinah and the Secularization of Methodist Hymnody in Eliot’s Adam Bede
  • J. Jeffrey Franklin, “The Victorian Novel’s Performance of Interiority: Felix Holt on Trial”


  • Sheila Sullivan, “Hands Across the Water, Crime Across the Sea: Gender, Imperialist History, and Arthur Conan Doyle’s America”
  • Meoghan Byrne Cronin, “‘As a Diamond Kills an Opal’: Charm and Counter-charm in Thomas Hardy’s A Pair of Blue Eyes
  • Ronald C. Harvey, “The Dialogue of Truth and Art in Oliver Twist “
  • Lowell T. Frye, “The Ghost Story and the Subjection of Women: The Example of Amelia Edwards, M. E. Braddon, and E. Nesbit.”

Review Essay

  • Margaretta Frederick Watson, “Prurience or Prudery? Victorian Collectors and the Nude.”