Volume 1 (1972)

Essays About the Victorians Institute. . . Arthur and Vonna Adrian, “Charles Dickens: A Twentieth-Century Postmortem” James E. Marlow, “Dickens and Carlyle’s ‘Way’” Rosemary Sprague, “‘The Blush of Shame to the Cheek of Modesty’ or ‘Art is Beautiful Truth’” Harry A. Hargrave, “Kind Hearts and Coronets” Edwin R. Cheek, “Dickens and Women’s Lib: Pro and […]

Volume 2 (1973)

Essays Editor’s Notes Benjamin Dunlap, “Bear Me Witness to Love: Morris’s Love is Enough” L. Kenneth Hammond, “Dante Gabriel Rossetti’s ‘The Orchard Pit’” Donald C. Stuart III, “Bitter Fantasy: Narcissus in Dante Gabriel Rossetti’s Lyrics” John Y. LeBourgeois, “Swinburne and Mazzini: The Origin of Swinburne’s Imperialism?” Philip McM. Pittman, “Tennyson in Xanadu” Michael L. Campbell, […]

Volume 3 (1974)

Essays Donald J. Greiner, “Narrative Technique in Wilkie Collins’s The Moonstone“ Donald Lawler, “The Revisions of Dorian Gray“ Patricia D. Nixon, “John Ruskin and William Morris: Prophets of the Modern Ecology Movement” Jeffrey Helterman, “Narrative Modes and the Dynamics of Passion in The Idylls of the King“ Michael J. Chepiga, “‘The Wholesome Madness of an Hour’: An Examination […]

Volume 4 (1975)

Essays Patricia Ann Carlson, “‘The Play’s the Thing’? The Dramatic Impulse in Victorian Theater and the Plays of Alfred, Lord Tennyson” James O. Hoge, “Keatsian Lovemaking in Tennyson’s ‘Tithonus’” Roger Whitlock, “The Psychology of Consciousness in Daniel Deronda “ Philip McM. Pittman, “A Christmas Carol: review and Assessment” Blair G. Kenney, “Childe Roland’s Quest” Roberta R. Armstrong, […]

Volume 5 (1976)

Essays Antony H. Harrison, “Ruskin Against Tradition: Two Theories of Landscape Painting in Early Victorian England” R. W. Crump, “Christina Rossetti’s Maude: An Autobiographical Novella” Richard Fulkerson, “David Copperfield in the Victorian Theatre” James LeRoy Smith, “Marx and Ruskin: Romanticism and Political Theory” Barbara J. Baines, “Villette, a Feminist Novel” J. O. Baylen, “William Morris and the […]

Volume 6 (1977)

Essays Richard C. Stevenson, “The Problem of Judging Becky Sharp: Scene and Narrative Commentary in Vanity  Fair“ Morse Hamilton, “Nature and the Unnatural in Little Dorrit “ E. M. Palmegiano, “The Propaganda of Sexuality: Victorian Periodicals and Women” Alice G. Vines, “Margaret MacDonald: A Socialist Pilgrimage” Ira Bruce nadel, “Kierkegaard and Clough” James W. Parins, “Poetic Calculus: Patmore’s […]

Volume 7 (1978)

Essays Charles E. May, “The Well-Beloved: Hardy’s Hymeneal Harlequinade” June Sturrock, “A Personal View of Women’s Education, 1838-1900: Charlotte Yonge’s Novels” Florence S. Boos, “Medievalism in Alfred Tennyson and William Morris” W. Harrison Daniel, “The Reaction of British Protestantism to the Civil War and Reconstruction in America” Bruce B. Redford, “‘A God with the World […]

Volume 8 (1979)

Essays Michael H. Bright, “‘Come if you Dare’: The Artists’ Rifles and the Volunteer Movement” James Thompson, “Ruskin and Hunt’s Awakening Conscience“ Catherine Barnes Stevenson, “Emily Tennyson in her Own Right: The Unpublished Manuscripts” Nancy Aycock Metz, “Nineteenth-Cenuty Interpretations of Wat Tyler’s Revolt” Amrollah Abjadian, “Arnold and Sohrab in the Wasteland” (edited by Cindy Amorese)

Volume 9 (1981)

Essays Suzanne Edwards, “The Picturesque in Robert Browning’s Poetry” A. R. Coulthard, “Matthew Arnold’s Romantic Dilemma” Diane D’Amico, “Christina Rossetti’s Later Life: The Neglected Sonnet Sequence” Franklin E. Court, “Boots, Barbarism, and the New Order in Dickens’ Tale of Two Cities“ Elliot Engel, “The Maturing of the Comic Artist: Dickens Leap from Sketches by Boz to Pickwick papers“ Ralph Aiken, […]

Volume 10 (1982)

Essays Samuel J. Rogal, “The Methodist Connection in Charlotte Brontë’s Shirley“ Kenneth C. Bennett, “Surrogate Religion in Our Mutual Friend and The Mill on the Floss“ William J. Gracie, Jr. “Faith of Our Fathers: The Autobiographical Novels of James Anthony Froude” Clinton Machann, “John Ruskin and Prophetic History” Ashby Bland Crowder, “Ruskin’s Past-and-Present Rhetoric and Modern Painters” William J. […]