Volume 9 (1981)


  • Suzanne Edwards, “The Picturesque in Robert Browning’s Poetry”
  • A. R. Coulthard, “Matthew Arnold’s Romantic Dilemma”
  • Diane D’Amico, “Christina Rossetti’s Later Life: The Neglected Sonnet Sequence”
  • Franklin E. Court, “Boots, Barbarism, and the New Order in Dickens’ Tale of Two Cities
  • Elliot Engel, “The Maturing of the Comic Artist: Dickens Leap from Sketches by Boz to Pickwick papers
  • Ralph Aiken, “Oliphant, Gaskell, and Eliot as Comedians”
  • Keith Reierstad, “Innocent Indency: The Questionable Heroines of Wilkie’ Collins Sensation Novels”
  • Peter W. Graham, “Pelham as Paragon: Bulwer’s Ideal Aristocrat”
  • Walter E. Doyle, “Through the Domestic Drama Darkly: Douglas Jerrold and Early Nineteenth Century Minor Drama”