Volume 7 (1978)


  • Charles E. May, “The Well-Beloved: Hardy’s Hymeneal Harlequinade”
  • June Sturrock, “A Personal View of Women’s Education, 1838-1900: Charlotte Yonge’s Novels”
  • Florence S. Boos, “Medievalism in Alfred Tennyson and William Morris”
  • W. Harrison Daniel, “The Reaction of British Protestantism to the Civil War and Reconstruction in America”
  • Bruce B. Redford, “‘A God with the World Inwound’: Sqinburne’s ‘A Nympholept’ and Classical Stoicism”
  • Nathan Cervo, “Tennyson, Hallam, Mill, and Arnold: Some Nineteenth-Century Background to the Pre-Raphaelite Question”