Volume 36 (2008)


  • Lauren M. E. Goodlad, “‘Character worth Speaking Of’: Individuality, John Stuart Mill, and the Critique of Liberalism”
  • Deborah Fratz, “The Powers of Deafness: Harriet Martineau’s Disabled Subject as Sociological Observer”
  • Suzanne Rintoul, “Intimate Violence and the Tenuous Boundaries of Class in Victorian Street Literature”
  • Karen J. Dieleman, “Elizabeth Barrett Browning, Congregationalism and Spirit Manifestation”
  • Gregory Giles, “‘The Mystic Level of All Forms’: Love and Language’s Capacity for Meanings in Aurora Leigh
  • Meilee D. Bridges, “Tales from the Crypt: Bram Stoker and the Curse of the Egyptian Mummy”
  • Peter J. Capuono, “At the Hands of Becky Sharp: (In)Visible Manipulation and Vanity Fair
  • Michael Kramp, “From Race to Lore to Domestic Utility: Sissy Jupe as a Functional Stylized Gypsy”
  • John R. Reed, “Law and Narrative Strategy in Wilkie Collins’s The Law and the Lady
  • Katie R. Peel, “The ‘thoroughly and radically incredible’ Lucy Snowe: Performativity in Charlotte Brontë’s Villette
  • Melissa Jenkins, “‘His Crime was a Thing Apart’: Elizabeth Gaskell writes a Father’s Life
  • Tamara Wagner, “Depressed Spirits and Failed Crisis Management: Charlotte Yonge’s Sensationalisation of the Religious Family”


  • Ellen Bayuk Rosenman, Rev. of Between Women: Friendship, Desire, and Marriage in Victorian England, by Sharon Marcus
  • Richard Fine, Rev. of Authorship in Context: From the Theoretical to the Material, edited by Kyriaki Hadjiafxendi and Polina Mackay
  • Cheri L. Larsen Hoeckley, Rev. of Catholic Sensationalism and Victorian Literature, by Maureen Moran
  • Adelene Buckland, Rev. of Excavating Victorians, by Virginia Zimmerman
  • Sharrona Pearl, Rev. of Worlds Before Adam: The Reconstruction of Geohistory in the Age of Reform, by Martin J. S. Rudwick
  • Linda H. Peterson, Rev. of The Collected Letters of Harriet Martineau, ed. by Deborah Anna Logan
  • David Bradshaw, Rev. of John Henry Cardinal Newman, Apologia Pro VitaSua and Six Sermons, edited, annotated and with an Introduction by Frank M. Turner
  • Walter L. Arnstein, Rev. of The Forgotten Prime Minister: The 14th Earl of Derby. Vol. I: Ascent, 1799-1851, by Angus Hawkins
  • Ruth Clayton Windscheffel, Rev. of The English Cult of Literature. Devoted Readers, 1774-1880, by William R. McKelvy