Volume 38 (2010)


  • Kristen Guest, “Black Beauty, Masculinity, and the Market for Horseflesh”
  • Patricia Murphy, “‘That Traitor Tongue’: Detrimental Speech and Desirable Silence in Villette
  • James Hood, “‘Permanently Valuable’: Victorian Christian Literary Annuals and the Commodification of Religion”
  • Shalyn Claggett, “Putting Character First: The Narrative Construction of Innate Identity in Phrenological Texts”
  • Andrew Nash, “Freedom and Power?: Women, Class and Inheritance in Mrs. Alexander’s Her Dearest Foe
  • Britta Martens, “Look Back with Confidence: Browning’s Hidden Review of his Early Romanticism”
  • Chris Vanden Bossche, “Social Agency and the Representation of Chartism in Mary Barton”


  • Laura Green, Rev. of The Victorians and Old Age, by Karen Chase
  • Jennifer Green-Lewis, Rev. of Perspectives: Modes of Viewing and Knowing in Nineteenth-Century England, by Linda M. Shires
  • David G. Riede, Rev. of The Cultural Production of Matthew Arnold, by Antony H. Harrison
  • Linda H. Peterson, Rev. of Masking the Text: Essays on Literature & Mediation in the 1890s, by Nicholas Frankel
  • Laurie Langbauer, Rev. of The Politics of Gender in Anthony Trollope’s Novels: New Readings for the Twenty-First Century, ed. Margaret Marwick, Deborah Denenholz Morse, and Regenia Gagnier
  • Melissa Shields Jenkins, Rev. of Victorian Secrecy: Economies of Knowledge and Concealment, ed. Albert D. Pionke and Denise Tischler Millstein
  • Rebecca Stern, Rev. of Financial Speculation in Victorian Fiction: Plotting Money and the Novel Genre, 1815-1901, by Tamara S. Wagner
  • Karen Chase, Rev. of Dickens and the Rise of Divorce: The Failed-Marriage Plot and the Novel Tradition, by Kelly Hager
  • Devon Fisher, Rev. of Maske Atheism: Catholicism and the Secular Victorian Home, by Maria LaMonaca

The VIJ Digital Annex

  • Linda Hughes, “Annexing Possibilities: The Victorians Institute Journal Digital Annex”