Volume 41 (2013)


  • Ann M. Mazur, “Victorian Women, the Home Theatre, and the Cultural Potency of A Doll’s House“; 2012 Winner of the Victorians Institute Graduate Paper Competition
  • Heidi L. Pennington, “How Do You Solve a Problem Like Esther?:Reading Bleak House as Fictional Autobiography”
  • Jennifer Fuller, “Of Queens and Cannibals: Visions of Leadership in R.M. Ballantyne’s Pacific Work”
  • Vicky Simpson, ““I SAW a ghost!”: The Phantasmagoric Narration of Gaskell’s “The Old Nurse’s Story””
  • Nicholas Birns, “The Novel Uncontained: Victorian Fiction, Tolstoy, and the Anglo-Russian Literary “Channel”

Thomas Hardy Cluster

  • Kate Faber Oestreich, “Sue’s Desires: Sexuality and Reform Fashion in Jude the Obscure”
  • Laura E. Franey, ““Chartered Robbery”: Mobility, Somatic Terror, and the Critique of Marriage in Select Hardy Novels”
  • Lauren N. Hoffer, “Employment Relations and the Failure of Sympathy in Hardy’s Desperate Remedies and The Mayor of Casterbridge”


  • Kate Thomas, “Rev. of Reforming Trollope: Race, Gender and Englishness in the Novels of Anthony Trollope, by Deborah Denenholz Morse”
  • Julia McCord Chavez, “Rev. of Transnational Gothic: Literary and Social Exchanges in the Long Nineteenth Century, ed. Monika Elbert and Bridget M. Marshall”
  • Tanya Agathocleous, “Rev. of Sympathetic Realism in Nineteenth-Century British Fiction, by Rae Greiner”
  • Kellie Holzer, “Rev. of Anglophone Poetry in Colonial India, 1780-1913: A Critical Anthology, ed. Mary Ellis Gibson, and Indian Angles: English Verse in Colonial India from Jones to Tagore, by Mary Ellis Gibson”
  • Jonathan Allison, “Rev. of Oxford History of the Irish Book,v. IV: The Irish Book in English 1800-1891, ed. James H. Murphy”
  • Deborah Lutz, “Rev. of Reading for the Law: British Literary History and Gender Advocacy, by Sarah Nehama”
  • Lynn Voskuil, “Rev. of The Flower of Empire: An Amazonian Water Lily, the Quest to Make it Bloom, and the World it Created, by Tatiana Holway”
  • Michael Cohen, “Rev. of The Modern Portrait Poem: From Dante Gabriel Rossetti to Ezra Pound, by Frances Dickey”
  •  Linda K. Hughes, “Rev. of The Nineteenth-Century Press in the Digital Age, by James Mussell”
  • Mary Jean Corbett, “Rev. of Victorian Bloomsbury, by Rosemary Ashton”
  • Sharon Aronofsky Weltman, “Rev. of The Life of George Eliot, by Nancy Henry, and George Eliot in Society: Travels Abroad and Sundays at the Priory, by Kathleen McCormack”
  • Paul Fyfe, “Rev. of Charles Dickens’s Networks: Public Transport and the Novel, by Jonathan H. Grossman”

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