Volume 44 (2016)


  • Keaghan Turner, Collectors of Collections: Sherlock Holmes and Collecting Culture
  • Anna Feuerstein, The Realism of Animal Life: The Seashore, Adam Bede, and George Eliot’s Animal Alterity
  • Nancy Metz, Fantasies of Self-Engenderment: Dickens, Martin Chuzzlewit, and the Idea of America
  • Kellie Holzer, Marie Corelli’s “The Silence of the Maharajah”: Modern Marriage as Threat to Empire
  • Beth Leonardo Silva, Rethinking the Familiar: Social Outsiders in Eliza Lynn Linton’s The Rebel of the Family and Rhoda Broughton’s Dear Faustina
  • Emily Heady, Reading to Mourn: Narrative Gaps and Ethical Burdens in Dickens’s Hard Times
  • Josh Poklad, Sleigh Bells and Factory Elves: The Spectacular Economy of Santa Claus, 2015 Winner of the Victorians Institute Graduate Paper Competition


  • Rebecca McCann, Changing Hands: Industry, Evolution, and the Reconfiguration of the Victorian Body by Peter J. Capuano
  • Christine Ferguson, Spirits and Spirituality in Victorian Fiction by Jen Cadwallader
  • Paul Fyfe, Engines of Empire: Steamships and the Victorian Imagination by Douglas R. Burgess
  • Rachel Ablow, Exquisite Masochism: Marriage, Sex, and the Novel Form by Claire Jarvis
  • Cheryl Blake Price, The Secret Poisoner: A Century of Murder by Linda Stratmann
  • Tabitha Sparks, Reading for Health: Medical Narratives and the Nineteenth-Century Novel by Erika Wright
  • Todd Starkweather, Victorian Narratives of Failed Emigration: Settlers, Returnees, and Nineteenth-Century Literature in English by Tamara S. Wagner
  • Notes on Contributors

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