Volume 11 (1983)


  • John R. Reed, “Decadent Style and the Short Story”
  • Charise Gendron, “Harriett Martineau and Virginia Woolf Reading Villette
  • Linda Hunt, “Villette: The Inward and the Outward Life”
  • Ben Varner, “Colenso’s ‘Intelligent Zulu’: A Rhetorical Trick?”
  • Lee C. R. Baker, “The Old Clothesman Transformed: Thomas Carlyle’s Radical Vision”
  • Barbara Frey Waxman, “Heart, Mind, Body, And Soul: George Eliot’s Female Bildungsroman”


  • Fraser Neiman, “La Bella Mano: Pre-Raphaelite Paintings and Decorative Arts”
  • Mary Saunders, “Dramatic Victorian in Contemporary America”
  • H. Phillip Horne, “Rev. of Concerning Agnes: Thomas Hardy’s ‘Good Little Pupil’ by Desmond Hawkins”
  • Patricia Miller, “Rev. of Wilkie Collins and His Victorian Readers by Sue Lanoff”
  • Sally Brett, “Rev. of Woman and Demon, The Life of a Victorian Myth by Nina Auerbach”
  • Erwin Hester, “The French Lietenant’s Woman, Screenplay by Harold Pinter”