Volume 12 (1984)


  • Patricia A. Vernon, “Reading and Misreading in The Eustace Diamonds “
  • Barry M. Maid, “Trollope, Idealists, Reality and Play”
  • Roger L. Slakey, “Coiled Design: Hopkins’s ‘Spring and Fall’”
  • Katherine S. Van Eerde, “Strickland and Green: Woman Historians in Victoria’s Reign”
  • Blyden Jackson, “Black Victorian Writers of North Carolina”
  • Ernest Bevan, “Maggie Tulliver and the Bonds of Time”
  • Gerald Levin, “Grant Allen’s Scientific and Aesthetic Philosophy”
  • Tom Lloyd, “‘High Air-Castles”: Carlyle’s Reactions to Schiller’s Aesthetics”
  • Manek Homi Daruwala, “Good Intentions: The Romantic Aesthetics of Oscar Wilde’s Criticism”


  • Ross Murfin, “The Return of a Native: William Buckler, Thomas Hardy, and the New Criticism”
  • Erwin Hester, “Rev. of The Sense of an Audience: Dickens, Thackeray, and George Eliot at Mid-Century by Janice Carlisle”
  • John Stasny, “Rev. of The Omnipresent Debate: Empiricism and Transcendentalism in Nineteenth-Century English Prose by Wendell V. Harris”
  • Terry L. Meyers, “Rev. of William Morris, The Defense of Guenevere and Other Poems ed. by Margaret A. Lourie”
  • Philip L. Elliott, “Rev. of The London Muse: Victorian Poetric Responses to the City by William B. Thesing”
  • Fraser Neiman, “Letters of Carlyle, Ruskin and Disraeli”