Volume 13 (1985)


  • William W. Morgan, “Thomas Hardy’s Apprenticeship to the Craft of English Verse”
  • Patricia Frick, “Wilkie Collins and John Ruskin”
  • Jean S. Moore, “A Victorian Shop Life Remembered in John Birch Thomas’s Tom Lloyd
  • Patrick Creevy, “The Victorian Goethe Critics: Notions of Greatness and Development”
  • Kay Moser, “The Victorian Critics’ Dilemma: What to do with a Talented Poetess?”
  • Carol Senf, “Jane Eyre and the Evolution of a Feminist History”
  • Thomas Culviner, “Heroes and Hero-Worship: Not So Simple in The French Revolution
  • John L. Kijinski, “Charles Kingsley’s Yeast: Brotherhood and the Condition of England”
  • Max Keith Sutton, “Place, Folklore and Hegelianism in Baring-Gould’s Red Spider


  • Lawrence W. Mazzeno, “Rev. Thomas Carlyle: A Biography by Fred Kaplan”
  • Roger L. Slakey, “Rev. of The Letters of Anthony Trollope ed. by N. John Hall”
  • Erwin Hester, “Rev. of The Language that Makes George Eliot’s Fiction by Karen B. Mann”
  • Mary G. De Jong, “Rev. of George Eliot and Community: A Study in Social Theory and Fictional Form by Suzanne Graver”
  • Marilyne J. Kurata, “Rev. of Corrupt Relations: Dickens, Thackeray, Trollope, Collins and the Victorian Sexual System by Richard Barickman, Susan MacDonald and Myra Stark”
  • Beverly Taylor, “Rev. of The Turning Key: Autobiography and the Subjective Impulse Since 1800 by Jerome Hamilton Buckley”
  • Eric Glasgow, “Rev. of Gladstone’s Boswell: Late Victorian Conversations by Asa Briggs”
  • Hayden Ward, “Rev. of Dreams of an English Eden: Ruskin and His Traditionin Social Criticism by Jeffrey L. Spear; and Anglo-American Landscapes: A Study of Nineteenth-Century Anglo-American Travel Literature , by Christopher Mulvey”
  • Susan P. Casteras, “Rev. of Dante Gabriel Rossetti and the Limits of Victorian Vision, by David G. Riede” with a reply by David G. Riede
  • Suzanne Edwards, “The Golden Age of British Photography 1839-1900”