Volume 14 (1986)


  • U. C. Knoepflmacher, “Revisiting Wordsworth: Lewis Carroll’s ‘The White Knight’s Song’”
  • Frederick Kirchhoff, “William Morris’s Body: Schemitizations of the Self”
  • Kathleen McCormack, “George Eliot and the Pharmakon: Dangerous Drugs for the Condition of England”
  • W. J. Lohman, Jr. “The Economic Background of Great Expectations “
  • Phillip D. Attebury, “The Fictions of David Copperfield”
  • G. O. Gunter, “The Inflated Ego in ‘The Palace of Art’”
  • Patricia Elizabeth Davis, “Challenging Complacency: The ‘Discords Dear to the Musician’ in Tennyson’s ‘Sea Dreams’”
  • Beverly Taylor, “Tennyson Ludens”
  • William W. Bonney, “‘To-day Unsolders All’: Tropology and History in the Idylls of the King


  • Lewis Sawin, “‘The Friend of an Engaged Couple’: An Unpublished Short Story by George Meredith”
  • Larry K. Uffleman, “Kingsley’s Hereward the Wake: from Serial to Novel”


  • Robert Keefe, “Rev. of Emily Brontë by James H. Cavanaugh”
  • Martin S. Pernick, “Rev. of A Calculus of Suffering, Pain, Professionalism, and Anesthesia in Nineteenth Century America by Walter J. Pories, M. D.
  • Dennis Goldsberry, “Rev. of The Wildness Pleases: The Origin of Romanticism by Christopher Thacker”
  • Eric Glasgow, “Rev. of Gladstone, Politics and Religion ed. by Peter J. Jagger
  • Erwin hester, “Rev. of George Eliot and Blackmail by Alexander Welch”
  • David E. Latané, “Rev. of The Poor and the City: The English Poor Law in its Urban Context, 1834-1914, ed. Michael E. Rose”
  • Patricia Vernon, “Rev. of Victorian Pubs by Mark Girouard”
  • John R. Reed, “Rev. of Popular Culture and Custom in Nineteenth Century England, ed. by Robert D. Storch, and Song and Democratic Culture in Britain: An Approach to Popular Culture in Social Movements by Ian Watson”