Volume 15 (1987)


  • Donald Rackin, “Through the Looking Glass: Alice Becomes An ‘I’”
  • Harry E. Shaw, “Uses of the Past in Eliot and Thackeray: A Question of Power”
  • Elizabeth R. Epperly, “From the Borderlands of Decency: Madame Max Goesler”
  • Alan Johnson, “Inventing the Italian renaissance in Early Victorian England”
  • C. Murray Smart, “William Burges, Creative Allusionist”
  • Joseph Kestner, “The Force of the Past: The Perseus Legend and the Mythology of ‘Rescue’ in Nineteenth-Century British Art”
  • Thomas A. Langford, “Tennyson’s ‘The Hesperides’ and Milton”
  • Katherine Van Eerde, “The Uses of History: Cromwell and the Victorians”
  • Mark L. Walston, “Voices of the Holy War: Occasional Verse of the American Civil War”
  • Timothy Weiss, “Walter Pater, Aesthetic Utilitarian”


  • Richard W. Oram, “‘Catalogues of War’: Thackeray’s ‘Essay on Pumpernickel’”
  • T. H. Pickett, “Four Letters of John Stuart Mill to Sarah Austin”


  • Herbert F. Tucker, “Signs of the Times: Two New Victorian Studies”
  • Patrick Scott, “Rev. of The Scottish Enlightenment & Early English Victorian Society by Orland C. Chitnis”
  • Kerry Powell, “Rev. of More Letters of Oscar Wilde ed. Sir Rupert Hart-David”
  • John Archer Carter, “Rev. of Charles Dickens and the Romantic Self by Lawrence Frank and Dickens and the Social Order by Myron Magnet”
  • Jack Kolb, “‘The Love of Letters, Underdone’: Two Tennyson Studies”