Volume 17 (1989)


  • William E. Buckler, “Oscar Wilde’s Quest for Utopia. Persiflage With A Purpose in “The Soul of Man Under Socialism”
  • Jane Kromm, “The Storytelling Impulse in Victorian Design”
  • Heather henderson, “Rewriting Revelation: The Autobiographer as Idolatrer in Gosse’s Father and Son
  • August A. Imholtz, “The Vergilian Context of Freud’s ‘ALIQUIS Analysis’”
  • Parama Roy, “Sybil: The Two Nations and the Manorial Ideal”
  • Harvey Feinberg, “Carlyle and Mill: Style as the Shape of Content”
  • Judith Farr, “Charlotte Brontë, Emily Brontë and the ‘Undying Life’ Within”
  • Joseph Kestner, “The Solar Theory and Female Oppression in Nineteenth-Century British Art: The Apollonian/Aryan/Homoerotic Phalanx Against Women”
  • Susan M. Griffin, “The Jamesian Body: Two Oral Tales”
  • Patrick Scott, “Rewriting the Book of Nature: Tennyson, Keble, and The Christian Year
  • Paul Youngquist, “Browning, GNOSIS, and the Dilemma of the Demiurge”


  • Rikki Rooksby, “The Swinburne Collection at Balliol”
  • William T. Slayton, “‘Roderick & Rosalba’: D. G. Rossetti’s First Juvenile Work”


  • Herbert F. Tucker, “Still in the Salvation Business: Literary Hermaneutics in Two Nineteenth-Century Studies”
  • George H. Ford, “Rev. of Patrick Brantlinger, Rule of Darkness: British Literature and Imperialism, 1830-1914
  • Joseph Kestner, “Three Recent Studies of Victorian Art”
  • Susan Casteras and Lee M. Edwards, “Hard Times: Social Realism in Victorian Art”