Volume 18 (1990)


  • U. C. Knoepflmacher, “The Subject of Biography: The Victorianism of Eminent Victorians
  • Linda M. Shires, “The Subject of Poetry: Tennyson as Woolf’s Victorian Other”
  • Ashton Nichols, “Dialogism in the Dramatic Monologue: Suppressed Voices in Browning”
  • C. M. Smart, Jr. “Art in Architecture: Stained Glass of the Morris Firm–1861 to the End of the Century–an Architectural Evaluation”
  • Beth Kalikoff, “Victorian Sexual Confessions”
  • Monika Brown, “Dutch painters and British Novel-Readers: Adam Bede in the Context of Victorian Cultural Literacy”
  • William E. Buckler, “The Picture of Dorian Gray. An Essay in Aesthetic Exploration”


  • Rikki Rooksby, “A Short Note on the Swinburne Manuscripts at Worcester, Oxford”
  • Terry L. Myers, “G. O. Trevelyan: Morality and the ‘Cambridge University Boat of 1860′”


  • Joseph A. Kestner, “Art History at the Crossroads”
  • Judith L. Fisher, “Classics in Context: The Victorians
  • Fraser Neiman, “Rev. of Clinton Machann and Forrest D. Burts, eds., Matthew Arnold in His Time and Ours: Centenary Essays