Volume 19 (1991)


  • Margaret Diane Stetz, “Visible & Invisible Ills: H. G. Wells’s ‘Scientific Romances’ as Social Criticism”
  • Michael Timko, “Edinburgh, Ocford, Christminster: Self & Society in Victorian England”
  • Susan A. Walsh, “Ruskin’s Præterita & the Mediated Self”
  • Linda M. Austin, “Ruskin’s Precritical reading”
  • Katherine M. Sorensen, “Daniel Deronda & George Eliot’s Ministers”
  • Jennifer M. Green, “Outside the Frame: The Photographer in Victorian Fiction”
  • Maneck H. Daruwala, “Keats & the ‘Ode to Psyche’”


  • Terry L. Meyers, “An Interview with William Morris, September, 1885: His Arrest and Freedom of Speech”


  • Herbert F. Tucker, “Evasions of As: Two Studies in Victorian Epic”
  • Joseph A. Kestner, “Constructing Mythologies: The PRB, the Olympians, & the Sun-Worshipers”
  • Kathleen McCormack, “Rev. of Ina Taylor, A Woman of Contradictions: The Life of George Eliot