Volume 20 (1992)


  • Jerome H. Buckley, “Tess and the D’Urbervilles”
  • Linda Ray Pratt, “‘I shall be your father’: Heathcliff’s Narrative of Paternity”
  • William J. Scheick, “A Verbal Trace in Browning’s ‘Pictor Ignotus’”
  • Peter C. Hall, “The Pre-Raphaelite Moment in The Passing of the Third Floor Back
  • Kathleen McCormack, “Middlemarch: Dorothea’s Husbands at the Vatican Museums”
  • Joseph Nicoles, “Dorothea in the Moated Grange: Millais’s Mariana and the Middlemarch Window-Scenes”
  • J.L. and Margaret Kerbaugh, “Swinburne’s Class Attitudes in ‘The Leper’”
  • Rikky Rooksby, “Upon the Borderlands of Being: Swinburne’s Later Elegies”
  • Donna Richardson, “Romantic Agony or Roman Agon: Hopkins’s ‘Spring and Fall’”
  • John A. Minahan, “Beethovan’s Pathetique Sonata as Commentary on ‘Frost at Midnight’”
  • Katherine S. Van Erde, “Punch without Judy or, an Index Variorum of Victorian Life”
  • Judith Stoddart, “Ruskin’s St. George and the Cult of Community”


  • Gerald Monsman, “Walter Pater’s Portrait of Marguerite of Valois, Queen of Navarre: The Hitherto Unpublished Chapters IX and X of Gaston de Latour


  • Mary Saunders, “Dickens and Film: A Survey of Filmographical, Bibliographical, and Critical Materials”
  • Joseph A. Kestner, “Myths of and about Art”