Volume 21 (1993)


  • Chris Snodgrass, “Ernest Dowson and Schopenhauer: Life Imitating Art in the Victorian Decadence”
  • Martin A. Danahay, “Monologism and Power in Victorian Autobiography”
  • William A. Birkin, “Thackeray’s Medical Fathers”
  • Barbara Dennis, “College Chapels: Architecture and Ideology”
  • Michael Patrick Gillespie, “From Beau Brummell to Lady Bracknell: Reviewing the Dandy in The Importance of Being Earnest
  • Patrick J. McCarthy, “Tennyson Country: The Past Present”
  • Laura J. Rennart, “Narrative in Jane Eyre: The Dialectic of Image and Exposition”


  • Edward H. Cohen, “The Chronology of Hopkins’s ‘Terrible Sonnets’”


  • Herbert F. Tucker, “Double Takes: Victorianism, Anthropology and the Culture Culture”
  • Nacy V. Workman, “Rev. of Patricia Anderson, The Printed Image and the Transformation of Popular Culture“; Lynne Pearce, Woman/Image/Text ; Linda Gertner Zatlin, Aubrey Beardsley and Victorian Sexual Politics
  • James Krasner, “Interdisciplinary Study that Leads, Among Other Things, to Everything”


  • Eric Glasgow, “Thomas Woolner: Art and Literature”