Volume 22 (1994)


  • Linda M. Lewis, “‘Schooled by Sin’: Reclaiming Eve in Elizabeth Barrett Browning’s A Drama of Exile
  • Katherine Sorensen, “Conventions of Realism and the Absence of Color in George Eliot’s ‘The Sad Fortunes of the Reverend Amos Barton’”
  • David Stewart, “Of Angst and Escapism: George Frederic Watts and Frederic, Lord Leighton”
  • Mark Warren McLaughlin, “Adam Bede: History, Narrative, Culture”
  • Rodney Stenning Edgecombe, “Violence, Death and Euphemism in Great Expectations
  • Christopher Coates, “Exhumation and Anachronism: Walter Pater and Nineteenth-Century Historicism”
  • Annette Federico, “Books for Boys: Violence and Representation in Kidnapped and Catriona
  • William B. Thesing, “Vile Maternity: Victorian Child Abuse and G. R. Sims’s The Black Stain
  • Joseph S. Salemi, “The Canvas of His Life: Epitaphs in Samuel Butler’s The Way of All Flesh


  • Joseph A. Kestner, “Correspondence: Edward J. Poynter, Lord Wharncliffe, and Others on the ‘Wharncliffe Murals’”


  • Carolyn Williams, “Emergent Representations”
  • Joseph A. Kestner, “The Case of/for Lawrence Alma-Tadema”