Volume 23 (1995)

Electronic Resources for Victorian Scholars

  • David Latané, “‘Presto, Engpo!’ Reflections on the Chadwyck-Healey English Poetry Full-Text Database”
  • Patrick Leary, “Babbage’s Children: Victorian Studies Resources on the Internet”


  • Stephen D. Arata, “Realism, Sympathy, and Gissing’s Fictions of Failure”
  • Barry Faulk, “Spies and Experts: Laura Ormiston Chant and Victorian Professionals”
  • Ethel S. Goodstein, “Portrait of a ‘Modern’ Victorian Church: W.R. Lethaby’s All Saints’ Church, brockhampton”
  • Emily Jenkins, “Execution: Murder and Writing in the Work of Thomas De Quincy”
  • John R. Lamb, “Carlyle’s ‘Chartism.’ the Rhetoric of Revolution, and the Dream of Empire”
  • John T. Netland, “The Problem of Metaphor in Arthur Hugh Clough’s ‘Epi-Strauss-ium’”
  • Murray Smart, Jr., “Classic Pictures in Gothic Frames: High Victorian Stained Glass”
  • Nicola Diane Thompson, “‘Virile’ Creators Versus ‘Twaddlers Tame and Soft’: Gender and the Reception of Charles Reade’s It Is Never Too Late To Mend