Volume 24 (1996)


  • Deirdre d’Albertis, “Make-believes in Bayswater and Belgravia: Bronte, Linton, and the Victorian ‘Flirt’”
  • Susan Zlotnick, “Jane Eyre, Anna Leonowens, and the White Woman’s Burder: Governesses, Missionaries, and the Maternal Imperialists in Mid-Victorian Britain”
  • Stacey Gottlieb, “‘Any God will teach her’: Consciousness and Character in Ruth and Aurora Leigh
  • Sophia Andres. “Fortune’s Wheel in Daniel Deronda: Sociopolitical Turns of the British Empire”
  • Heidi H. Johnson, “Agricultural Anxiety, African Erasure: H. Rider Haggard’s Rural England and Benita: An African Romance
  • Karen Alkalay-Gut, “Swinburne’s Twisted Circle: The Logic of ‘A Match’”
  • Alice Batt, “From Page to Parlour: gestures Towards a Victorian Middle Class”


  • Algernon Charles Swinburne, “A Nine Days’ Wonder,” edited and introduced by Rikky Rooksby
  • “Christina Rossetti and Caroline Gemmer: Friendship by Mail,” letters edited and introduced by Antony H. Harrison

Electronic Resources / Reviews

  • “Victorian Database on CD-Rom,” review by Patrick Leary
  • “In Memoriam Web,” review by Jack Kolb
  • “Recent Work on the Brontes,” reviews by Beverly Taylor, Mary Ellis Gibson, and Cynthia Huggins