Volume 28 (2000)


  • Adrienne Munich, “Good and Plenty: Queen Victoria Figures the Imperial Body
  • Ernest Fontana, “The Victorian Railway Poem: Rossetti to Hardy
  • Samuel Lyndon Gladden, “‘Sebastian melmoth’: Wilde’s Parisian Exile as the Spectacle of Sexual, Textual Revolution
  • Temma Berg, “The Unruly Bodies of Evelyn De Morgan
  • Linda Gill, “The Unpardonable Sin: Lockwood’s Dream in Emily Bronte’s Wuthering Heights
  • Albert D. Pionke, “Secreting Rebellion: From the Mutiny to the Moonstone”


  • Leslee Zillmer, “An Alpine Friendship: Unpublished Letters of John Ruskin to Emma Forman”
  • Paul Lewis, “Wilkie’s Words: New Letters by Collins on the Web”


  • LuAnn McCracken Fletcher, “Rev. of Plotting Women: Gender and Narration in the Eighteenth- and Nineteenth-Century British Novel by Alison Case”
  • Christine Alfano, “Rev. of George Eliot and Intoxication: Dangerous Drugs for the Condition of England by Kathleen McCormack”
  • Brenda Ayres, “Rev. of Kindred Nature: Victorian and Edwardian Women Embrace the Living World by Barbara Gates”
  • John Marx, “Rev. of Writing the Urban Jungle: Reading Empire in London from Doyle to Eliot by Joseph McLaughlin”

Editors’ Choices

  • The Child, the State, and the Victorian Novel by Laura Berry
  • Disraeli by Edgar Feuchtwanger
  • Ruskin’s Venice: The Stones Revisited by Sarah Quill