Volume 29 (2001)

Special Feature: Literature & the Other Arts

  • F. S. Schwarzbach, “Twelve Ways of Looking at a Staffordshire Figurine: An Essay in Cultural Studies”
  • Elizabeth Howells, “On the Commodification of Eastern Art: John Frederick Lewis’s The Hhareem of 1850.”
  • John R. Reed, “Jude’s Music: Music as Theme and Structure in Hardy’s Jude the Obscure
  • Martin Danahay, “Sexuality and the Working-Class Child’s Body in Music Hall”
  • Charles Brownell, “Rev. of E. W. Godwin, Aesthetic Movement Architect and Designer, ed. Susan Weber Soros; and The Secular Furniture of E. W. Godwin, with a Catalogue Raisonné by Susan Weber Soros”
  • Srdjan Smajic, “Rev. of The Victorians and the Visual Imagination by Kate Flint”
  • Jonathan Silverman, “Rev. of Caverns of Night: Coal Mines in Art, Literature, and Film, ed. William B. Thesing”
  • Victoria Olsen, “Rev. of The Shock of the Real: Romanticism and Visual Culture, 1760-1860 by Gillen D’Arcy Wood


  • Rebecca Steinitz, “Travel Domesticity and Genre in Queen Victoria’s Journal of Our Life in the Highlands
  • Aeron Haynie, “A Colonial Woman in the Literature of Empire: Margaret Oliphant’s The Doctor’s Family


  • William Baker, “‘What a certainty of instinctive faith I have in heaven, and in the Mama’s living on’: Unpublished letters of Mrs. Gaskell and unpublished Gaskell family letters”


  • Meri-Jane Rochelson, “Rev. of Amy Levy: Her Life and Letters , by Linda Hunt Beckman”
  • Ellen Bayuk Rosenman. “Rev. of The Spectacle of Intimacy: A Public Life for the Victorian Family, by Karen Chase and Michael Levenson”
  • Nicholas Frankel. “Rev. of The Fin de Siècle: A Reader in Cultural History c. 1880-1900, ed. By Sally Ledger and Roger Luckhurst; and New Woman Poets: An Anthology, ed. Linda Hughes”
  • Pamela K. Gilbert, “Rev. of Raw Material: Producing Pathology in Victorian Culture, by Erin O’Connor”
  • Susan Walsh, “Rev. of Allegories of Union in Irish and English Writing, 1790-1870: Politics, History, and the Family from Edgeworth to Arnold ., by Mary Jean Corbett”
  • Thomas J. Collins, “Rev. of The Cambridge Companion to Victorian Poetry, ed. Joseph Bristow”
  • Andrew Stauffer, “Rev. of Elizabeth Barrett Browning and Robert Browning: Interviews and Recollections, ed. Martin Garrett”
  • Mary Ellis Gibson, “Rev. of Traditions of Women’s Autobiography: The Poetics and Politics of Life Writing by Linda Peterson”