Volume 32 (2004)

Special Feature: Poetry and the Colonies

  • David Latané, “Introduction”
  • John Kinsella, “Henry Clay — Racist or Not?”
  • Elizabeth Galway, “Poetical Patriotism: Canadian Children’s Poetry and Nationalist Discourse in the Late Victorian Period”
  • Mary Ellis Gibson “Poems of Mary Carshore: The Indian Legacy of L.E.L. and Tom Moore”

Colonial Poems: A Selection

  • Mary Fortune, “Conjuro Te”; Contributed by Lucy Sussex
  • Toru Dutt, “The Legend of Dhruva” and “The Royal Ascetic and the Hind”; Contributed by Chris Foss
  • Thomas Cowherd, “Tinsmith’s Song”; Contributed by Kathryn Carter


  • J. Timothy Lovelace, “The Secret of the Gods in Tennyson’s ‘Tiresias’”
  • Devon Fisher, “In Graceful Service to the Queen (Bee): The Politics of the Hive in Tennyson’s The Princess
  • John Glendening, “Track of the Sphinx: H. G. Wells, the Modern Universe, and the Decay of Aestheticism”
  • Jennifer Geer “‘Many Worlds More’: Feminine Imagination in Jean Ingelow’s Gladys and Her Island and Mopsa the Fairy
  • Tamara Wagner “Victorian Fictions of the Nerves: Telepathy and Depression in Wilkie Collins’s The Two Destinies


  • Sascha Auerbach, Rev. of Capital Offenses: Geographies of Class and Crime in Victorian London, by Simon Joyce
  • James H. Murphy, Rev. of Anti-Catholicism and Nineteenth-Century Fiction, by Susan M. Griffin
  • Paul R. Deslandes, Rev. of Masters of Theory: Cambridge and the Rise of Mathematical Physics, Andrew Warwick
  • Christa Zorn, Rev. of Spurious Ghosts: The Fantastic Tales of Vernon Lee, by Mary Patricia Kane
  • Alisa Clapp-Itnyre, Rev. of Sherlock’s Sisters: The British Female Detective, 1864-1913, by Joseph A. Kestner
  • Jeffrey Twitchell-Waas Rev. of The Idea of a Colony: Cross-Culturalism in Modern Poetry, by Edward Marx
  • Linda H. Peterson, Rev. of The Hour and the Woman: Harriet Martineau’s “Somewhat Remarkable” Life by Deborah Logan, and Writings on Slavery and the American Civil War. and Harriet Martineau’s Writing on the British Empire, ed. by Deborah Logan.
  • Kathleen McCormack, Rev. of Bloom: The Botanical Vernacular in the English Novel, by Amy M. King
  • Janet Winston, Rev. of Florence Fenwick Miller: Victorian Feminist, Journalist, and Educator, by Rosemary T. Van Arsdel
  • Editors’ Choice
    • Victoria C. Olsen, From Life: The Story of Julia Margaret Cameron and Victorian Photography
    • Catherine Robson, Men in Wonderland: The Lost Girlhood of the Victorian Gentleman
    • William Baker, Wilkie Collins’s Library – a Reconstruction