Volume 33 (2005)

Special Feature: Political Matters

  • Michelle Weinroth, “Engendering Consent: the Voice of Persuasion in Felix Holt, the Radical
  • Peter Gardner, “The Seductive Politics of Mary Barton
  • Christopher M. Keirstead, “A ‘Bad Patriot’: Elizabeth Barrett Browning and Cosmopolitanism”
  • Karen E. Whedbee, “Authority and Critical Reason: George Grote’s Defense of Democratic Justice”


  • Terence Bowers, “Robert Curzon, Orientalism, and the Ars Peregrinations
  • Kristen Guest, “Rewriting Faust: Marie Corelli’s Female Tragedy”


  • Ting Man Tsao, “Representing ‘Great England’ to Qing China in the Age of Free Trade Imperialism: The Circulation of a Tract by Charles Marjoribanks on the China Coast”
  • William Baker, “Wilkie Collin’s Diary for 1868: Nine Months in the Life of an Author”


  • Tamara S. Wagner, Rev. of Plots of Opportunity: Representing Conspiracy in Victorian England, by Albert D. Pionke
  • Laura Vorachek, Rev. of Angelic Airs, Subversive Songs: Music as Social Discourse in the Victorian Novel, by Alisa Clapp-Intyre
  • Nicholas Frankel, Rev. of Manufacturing Culture: Vindications of Early Victorian Industry, by Joseph Bizup
  • Julie Melnyk, Rev. of Imperial Bibles, Domestic Bodies: Women, Sexuality, and Religion in the Victorian Market, by Mary Wilson Carpenter
  • Karen Chase, Rev. of Educating the Proper Woman Reader: Victorian Family and Literary Magazines and the Cultural Health of the Nation, by Jennifer Phegley
  • William R. McKelvy, Rev. of The Victorians and the Eighteenth Century: Reassessing the Tradition, edited by Francis O’Gorman and Katherine Turner
  • Carol Marie Engelhardt, Rev. of John Keble in Context, by Kirstie Blair
  • John Maynard, Rev. of Unauthorized Pleasures: Accounts of Victorian Erotic Experience, by Ellen Bayuk Rosenman
  • Dennis Denisoff, Rev. of Vernon Lee: Aesthetics, History, and the Victorian Female Intellectual, by Christa Zorn
  • Frank M. Turner, Rev. of When Physics Became King, by Iwan Rhys Morus
  • Lesley Hall, Rev. of Bodily Matters: The Anti-Vaccination Movement in England, 183-1907, by Naja Durbach