Volume 47 (2019-20)

Victorian Mystery Essays

  • Rebecca Nesvet, The Mystery of Sweeney Todd: G. A. Sala’s Desperate Solution
  • Elizabeth Howard, The Narrative Arc of Armchair Science: Krakatoa, Nature, and the “Lurid” Green Suns of 1883
  • Esther Godfrey, Redeeming Women: Science and Religion in Wilkie Collins’s The New Magdalen
  • Christiana Salah, Mary Barton as Detective Fiction: Class Struggle and the Female Sleuth
  • Christy Rieger, Popular Fiction and the Holmesian Doctor Detective in L. T. Meade’s Stories from the Diary of a Doctor
  • Casey A. Cothran,Wilkie Collins’s Black and White: A Mystery Melodrama
  • Dagni Bredesen and Newton Key, Thinking with Murder: How the Victorians and Edwardians Created and Used the 1857 Waterloo Bridge Mystery

Other Essays

  • Michael Mitchell, Victorian Science and Aesthetics: Coastal Erosion and Illegitimacy in Wilkie Collins’s No Name
  • Kate Lawson, Church Building, Community, and Nation in Charlotte Yonge’s The Daisy Chain
  • Mary Emmerling, Gender, Ghosts, and the Unknown: Christina Rossetti’s Gendered Ghosts in The Prince’s Progress and Other Poems


  • Megan Ward, Reductive Reading: A Syntax of Victorian Moralizing, by Sarah Allison
  • Staci Poston Conner, Chemical Crimes: Science and Poison in Victorian Crime Fiction, by Cheryl Blake Price
  • Daniel Schierenbeck, Teaching Laboring‑Class British Literature of the Eighteenth and Nineteenth Centuries, ed. Kevin Binfield and William J. Christmas
  • Peter Katz, Walter Besant: The Business of Literature and the Pleasures of Reform, ed. Kevin Morrison
  • Rochelle Davis, Seeming Human: Artificial Intelligence and Victorian Realist Character, by Megan Ward

Review Essays

  • David Latané, L. E. L.: The Lost Life and Scandalous Death of Letitia Elizabeth Landon, the Celebrated “Female Byron,” by Lucasta Miller
  • Joshua King, Evangelical Gothic: The English Novel and the Religious War on Virtue from Wesley to Dracula, by Christopher Herbert, and Good Words: Evangelicalism and the Victorian Novel, by Mark Knight

Notes on Contributors