Volume 48 (2021)

Essays on Reimagining the Victorians

  • Roshnara Kissoon, Mary Watson’s Vanishing Acts: From The Sign of Four to Sherlock
  • Erin Temple, In Conversation with Enola Holmes: Neo-Victorian Girlhood, Adaptation, and Direct Address
  • Emily Sferra, “One of Her Delusions”: Maternity, Selfhood, and Voice in Mr. Rochester
  • Lauren Cameron, Adapting Jane Eyre for the Celebrity Book Club
  •  Jennifer Fuller, “Those Damned, Dirty Apes”: Netflix’s The Umbrella Academy and the Evolution of the Ape-Man
  • Jessica Krzeminski, “It Churns in the Air, and Fills The Lungs”: The Porous, Toxic, Ephemeral Watery Body

Other Essays

  • Albert D. Pionke, Reconstructing an Ancient Monument to Mid-Victorian Liberalism, One Annotation at a Time: John Stuart Mill’s Marginalia in George Grote’s History of Greece
  • Mark Allison, Carlyle’s “Phallus-Worship”: An Annotated Transcription


  • Lydia Craig, My Victorian Novel: Critical Essays in the Personal Voice, by Annette R. Federico
  • Eric G. Lorentzen, Improbability, Chance, and the Nineteenth-Century Realist Novel,
    by Adam Grener
  • Anna Maria Jones, Transmedia Adaptations in the Nineteenth Century, by Lissette Lopez Szwydky