Volume 21 (1993)

Essays Chris Snodgrass, “Ernest Dowson and Schopenhauer: Life Imitating Art in the Victorian Decadence” Martin A. Danahay, “Monologism and Power in Victorian Autobiography” William A. Birkin, “Thackeray’s Medical Fathers” Barbara Dennis, “College Chapels: Architecture and Ideology” Michael Patrick Gillespie, “From Beau Brummell to Lady Bracknell: Reviewing the Dandy in The Importance of Being Earnest“ Patrick J. […]

Volume 22 (1994)

Essays Linda M. Lewis, “‘Schooled by Sin’: Reclaiming Eve in Elizabeth Barrett Browning’s A Drama of Exile“ Katherine Sorensen, “Conventions of Realism and the Absence of Color in George Eliot’s ‘The Sad Fortunes of the Reverend Amos Barton’” David Stewart, “Of Angst and Escapism: George Frederic Watts and Frederic, Lord Leighton” Mark Warren McLaughlin, “Adam Bede: […]

Volume 23 (1995)

Electronic Resources for Victorian Scholars David Latané, “‘Presto, Engpo!’ Reflections on the Chadwyck-Healey English Poetry Full-Text Database” Patrick Leary, “Babbage’s Children: Victorian Studies Resources on the Internet” Essays Stephen D. Arata, “Realism, Sympathy, and Gissing’s Fictions of Failure” Barry Faulk, “Spies and Experts: Laura Ormiston Chant and Victorian Professionals” Ethel S. Goodstein, “Portrait of a […]

Volume 24 (1996)

Essays Deirdre d’Albertis, “Make-believes in Bayswater and Belgravia: Bronte, Linton, and the Victorian ‘Flirt’” Susan Zlotnick, “Jane Eyre, Anna Leonowens, and the White Woman’s Burder: Governesses, Missionaries, and the Maternal Imperialists in Mid-Victorian Britain” Stacey Gottlieb, “‘Any God will teach her’: Consciousness and Character in Ruth and Aurora Leigh“ Sophia Andres. “Fortune’s Wheel in Daniel Deronda: Sociopolitical Turns of […]

Volume 25 (1997)

Articles James W. Hood, “Tennyson, D. W. Griffith, and Victorian Pneumatography” Jean Hoffmann Lewis, “Casa Guidi Windows: Elizabeth Barrett Browning’s Aesthetic Struggle” Natalie Bell Cole, “The ‘Foreign Eye’ Outside and Within: Meredith’s Sandra Belloni“ Elana Gomel and Stephen Weninger, “The Tell-Tale Surface: Fashion and Gender in The Woman in White“ Katherine Haldane Grenier, “Tourism and the Idea […]

Volume 26 (1998)

Special Section: George Eliot Dallas Liddle, “Mentor and Sybil: Journalism and the End(s) of Apprenticeship in George Elio.” Alisa M. Clapp-Itnyre, “Dinah and the Secularization of Methodist Hymnody in Eliot’s Adam Bede“ J. Jeffrey Franklin, “The Victorian Novel’s Performance of Interiority: Felix Holt on Trial” Essays Sheila Sullivan, “Hands Across the Water, Crime Across the Sea: Gender, Imperialist […]

Volume 27 (1999)

Special Section: Gender in Victorian Culture Nancy Martha West, “Men in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction: Masculinity, Photography, and the Death of Engraving in the Nineteenth Century.” Greg Howard, “Masculinity and Economics in Lady Audley’s Secret .” Judith Wylie, “Incarnate Crimes: Masculine Gendering and the Double in Jane Eyre.” Jim McDermott, “New Womanly Man: Feminized Heroism and the […]

Volume 28 (2000)

Essays Adrienne Munich, “Good and Plenty: Queen Victoria Figures the Imperial Body Ernest Fontana, “The Victorian Railway Poem: Rossetti to Hardy Samuel Lyndon Gladden, “‘Sebastian melmoth’: Wilde’s Parisian Exile as the Spectacle of Sexual, Textual Revolution Temma Berg, “The Unruly Bodies of Evelyn De Morgan Linda Gill, “The Unpardonable Sin: Lockwood’s Dream in Emily Bronte’s Wuthering […]

Volume 29 (2001)

Special Feature: Literature & the Other Arts F. S. Schwarzbach, “Twelve Ways of Looking at a Staffordshire Figurine: An Essay in Cultural Studies” Elizabeth Howells, “On the Commodification of Eastern Art: John Frederick Lewis’s The Hhareem of 1850.” John R. Reed, “Jude’s Music: Music as Theme and Structure in Hardy’s Jude the Obscure“ Martin Danahay, “Sexuality and the […]

Volume 30 (2002)

Special Feature: Contemporary poets / Victorian poems Dana Smith, “Every Man for His Own Hand” Rodney Pybus, “Mariana Now” Talvikki Ansel, “Thin Border” Essays Laura Callanan, “So Help Me God, the Truth and Not the Truth: Hyper-Realism and the Taxonomy of Truth-Seeking in the Royal Commission Inquiry into the 1865 Jamaica Rebellion” Donald Ulin, “Seeing […]