Volume 9 (1981)

Essays Suzanne Edwards, “The Picturesque in Robert Browning’s Poetry” A. R. Coulthard, “Matthew Arnold’s Romantic Dilemma” Diane D’Amico, “Christina Rossetti’s Later Life: The Neglected Sonnet Sequence” Franklin E. Court, “Boots, Barbarism, and the New Order in Dickens’ Tale of Two Cities“ Elliot Engel, “The Maturing of the Comic Artist: Dickens Leap from Sketches by Boz to Pickwick papers“ Ralph Aiken, […]

Volume 10 (1982)

Essays Samuel J. Rogal, “The Methodist Connection in Charlotte Brontë’s Shirley“ Kenneth C. Bennett, “Surrogate Religion in Our Mutual Friend and The Mill on the Floss“ William J. Gracie, Jr. “Faith of Our Fathers: The Autobiographical Novels of James Anthony Froude” Clinton Machann, “John Ruskin and Prophetic History” Ashby Bland Crowder, “Ruskin’s Past-and-Present Rhetoric and Modern Painters” William J. […]

Volume 11 (1983)

Essays John R. Reed, “Decadent Style and the Short Story” Charise Gendron, “Harriett Martineau and Virginia Woolf Reading Villette“ Linda Hunt, “Villette: The Inward and the Outward Life” Ben Varner, “Colenso’s ‘Intelligent Zulu’: A Rhetorical Trick?” Lee C. R. Baker, “The Old Clothesman Transformed: Thomas Carlyle’s Radical Vision” Barbara Frey Waxman, “Heart, Mind, Body, And Soul: […]

Volume 12 (1984)

Essays Patricia A. Vernon, “Reading and Misreading in The Eustace Diamonds “ Barry M. Maid, “Trollope, Idealists, Reality and Play” Roger L. Slakey, “Coiled Design: Hopkins’s ‘Spring and Fall’” Katherine S. Van Eerde, “Strickland and Green: Woman Historians in Victoria’s Reign” Blyden Jackson, “Black Victorian Writers of North Carolina” Ernest Bevan, “Maggie Tulliver and the Bonds of […]

Volume 13 (1985)

Essays William W. Morgan, “Thomas Hardy’s Apprenticeship to the Craft of English Verse” Patricia Frick, “Wilkie Collins and John Ruskin” Jean S. Moore, “A Victorian Shop Life Remembered in John Birch Thomas’s Tom Lloyd“ Patrick Creevy, “The Victorian Goethe Critics: Notions of Greatness and Development” Kay Moser, “The Victorian Critics’ Dilemma: What to do with a […]

Volume 14 (1986)

Essays U. C. Knoepflmacher, “Revisiting Wordsworth: Lewis Carroll’s ‘The White Knight’s Song’” Frederick Kirchhoff, “William Morris’s Body: Schemitizations of the Self” Kathleen McCormack, “George Eliot and the Pharmakon: Dangerous Drugs for the Condition of England” W. J. Lohman, Jr. “The Economic Background of Great Expectations “ Phillip D. Attebury, “The Fictions of David Copperfield” G. O. Gunter, […]

Volume 15 (1987)

Essays Donald Rackin, “Through the Looking Glass: Alice Becomes An ‘I’” Harry E. Shaw, “Uses of the Past in Eliot and Thackeray: A Question of Power” Elizabeth R. Epperly, “From the Borderlands of Decency: Madame Max Goesler” Alan Johnson, “Inventing the Italian renaissance in Early Victorian England” C. Murray Smart, “William Burges, Creative Allusionist” Joseph […]

Volume 16 (1988)

Essays David R. Riede, “Swinburne and French Literature” Joanne E. Rea, “Hair Imagery in Jane Eyre“ Roger L. Slakey, “Anthony Trollope, Master of Gradualness” William B. Thesing, “Harvesting the Past: Arthur Hugh Clough’s Estimates of his Romantic Predecessors” Alice Mathews, “Clough’s ‘Jacob’: The Victorian Doctrine of Atonement” Mary C. McBride, “A Question of Quality: Matthew Arnold’s […]

Volume 17 (1989)

Essays William E. Buckler, “Oscar Wilde’s Quest for Utopia. Persiflage With A Purpose in “The Soul of Man Under Socialism” Jane Kromm, “The Storytelling Impulse in Victorian Design” Heather henderson, “Rewriting Revelation: The Autobiographer as Idolatrer in Gosse’s Father and Son“ August A. Imholtz, “The Vergilian Context of Freud’s ‘ALIQUIS Analysis’” Parama Roy, “Sybil: The Two […]

Volume 18 (1990)

Essays U. C. Knoepflmacher, “The Subject of Biography: The Victorianism of Eminent Victorians“ Linda M. Shires, “The Subject of Poetry: Tennyson as Woolf’s Victorian Other” Ashton Nichols, “Dialogism in the Dramatic Monologue: Suppressed Voices in Browning” C. M. Smart, Jr. “Art in Architecture: Stained Glass of the Morris Firm–1861 to the End of the Century–an Architectural […]