Volume 19 (1991)

Essays Margaret Diane Stetz, “Visible & Invisible Ills: H. G. Wells’s ‘Scientific Romances’ as Social Criticism” Michael Timko, “Edinburgh, Ocford, Christminster: Self & Society in Victorian England” Susan A. Walsh, “Ruskin’s Præterita & the Mediated Self” Linda M. Austin, “Ruskin’s Precritical reading” Katherine M. Sorensen, “Daniel Deronda & George Eliot’s Ministers” Jennifer M. Green, “Outside the Frame: […]

Volume 20 (1992)

Essays Jerome H. Buckley, “Tess and the D’Urbervilles” Linda Ray Pratt, “‘I shall be your father’: Heathcliff’s Narrative of Paternity” William J. Scheick, “A Verbal Trace in Browning’s ‘Pictor Ignotus’” Peter C. Hall, “The Pre-Raphaelite Moment in The Passing of the Third Floor Back“ Kathleen McCormack, “Middlemarch: Dorothea’s Husbands at the Vatican Museums” Joseph Nicoles, “Dorothea […]

Volume 21 (1993)

Essays Chris Snodgrass, “Ernest Dowson and Schopenhauer: Life Imitating Art in the Victorian Decadence” Martin A. Danahay, “Monologism and Power in Victorian Autobiography” William A. Birkin, “Thackeray’s Medical Fathers” Barbara Dennis, “College Chapels: Architecture and Ideology” Michael Patrick Gillespie, “From Beau Brummell to Lady Bracknell: Reviewing the Dandy in The Importance of Being Earnest“ Patrick J. […]

Volume 22 (1994)

Essays Linda M. Lewis, “‘Schooled by Sin’: Reclaiming Eve in Elizabeth Barrett Browning’s A Drama of Exile“ Katherine Sorensen, “Conventions of Realism and the Absence of Color in George Eliot’s ‘The Sad Fortunes of the Reverend Amos Barton’” David Stewart, “Of Angst and Escapism: George Frederic Watts and Frederic, Lord Leighton” Mark Warren McLaughlin, “Adam Bede: […]

Volume 23 (1995)

Electronic Resources for Victorian Scholars David Latané, “‘Presto, Engpo!’ Reflections on the Chadwyck-Healey English Poetry Full-Text Database” Patrick Leary, “Babbage’s Children: Victorian Studies Resources on the Internet” Essays Stephen D. Arata, “Realism, Sympathy, and Gissing’s Fictions of Failure” Barry Faulk, “Spies and Experts: Laura Ormiston Chant and Victorian Professionals” Ethel S. Goodstein, “Portrait of a […]

Volume 24 (1996)

Essays Deirdre d’Albertis, “Make-believes in Bayswater and Belgravia: Bronte, Linton, and the Victorian ‘Flirt’” Susan Zlotnick, “Jane Eyre, Anna Leonowens, and the White Woman’s Burder: Governesses, Missionaries, and the Maternal Imperialists in Mid-Victorian Britain” Stacey Gottlieb, “‘Any God will teach her’: Consciousness and Character in Ruth and Aurora Leigh“ Sophia Andres. “Fortune’s Wheel in Daniel Deronda: Sociopolitical Turns of […]

Volume 25 (1997)

Articles James W. Hood, “Tennyson, D. W. Griffith, and Victorian Pneumatography” Jean Hoffmann Lewis, “Casa Guidi Windows: Elizabeth Barrett Browning’s Aesthetic Struggle” Natalie Bell Cole, “The ‘Foreign Eye’ Outside and Within: Meredith’s Sandra Belloni“ Elana Gomel and Stephen Weninger, “The Tell-Tale Surface: Fashion and Gender in The Woman in White“ Katherine Haldane Grenier, “Tourism and the Idea […]

Volume 26 (1998)

Special Section: George Eliot Dallas Liddle, “Mentor and Sybil: Journalism and the End(s) of Apprenticeship in George Elio.” Alisa M. Clapp-Itnyre, “Dinah and the Secularization of Methodist Hymnody in Eliot’s Adam Bede“ J. Jeffrey Franklin, “The Victorian Novel’s Performance of Interiority: Felix Holt on Trial” Essays Sheila Sullivan, “Hands Across the Water, Crime Across the Sea: Gender, Imperialist […]

Volume 27 (1999)

Special Section: Gender in Victorian Culture Nancy Martha West, “Men in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction: Masculinity, Photography, and the Death of Engraving in the Nineteenth Century.” Greg Howard, “Masculinity and Economics in Lady Audley’s Secret .” Judith Wylie, “Incarnate Crimes: Masculine Gendering and the Double in Jane Eyre.” Jim McDermott, “New Womanly Man: Feminized Heroism and the […]

Volume 28 (2000)

Essays Adrienne Munich, “Good and Plenty: Queen Victoria Figures the Imperial Body Ernest Fontana, “The Victorian Railway Poem: Rossetti to Hardy Samuel Lyndon Gladden, “‘Sebastian melmoth’: Wilde’s Parisian Exile as the Spectacle of Sexual, Textual Revolution Temma Berg, “The Unruly Bodies of Evelyn De Morgan Linda Gill, “The Unpardonable Sin: Lockwood’s Dream in Emily Bronte’s Wuthering […]